Purpose Built Ergonomic Workstations for Professionals

Sit more than 4 hours a day at an array of monitors?

You need an ergonomic
 sit/stand workstation that:

  • Creates a stable and healthy environment
  • Easily manages unique hardware configurations
  • Reduces visual fatigue
  • Maximizes space utilization with custom shapes
  • Facilitates improved communication

Our professional grade, ergonomic workstations are designed for demanding medical and non-medical applications.

Medical Applications

Radiology and Cardiovascular Imaging

Radiologists and Cardiologists spend significant portions of their day sitting at their PACS, performing repetitive tasks, in a poorly light room.

Our tailor-made workstations for imaging professionals reduce the risk that can arise from this environment.


Telemetry and Centralized Patient Monitoring

Improve the efficiency, health and well-being of your monitoring staff by:

  1. Positioning everything within reach.
  2. Facilitating sitting and standing throughout the day.
  3. Optimizing monitor height and distance to reduce visual fatigue.
  4. Providing a clutter free environment.

Telemetry monitoring staff spend long hours performing a life-critical service.
Provide an environment that enhances their role.


Many of the monitoring technicians, who work 12-hour shifts, complained about neck and back soreness and stiffness and swollen feet because they were sitting for so long, or had to move in awkward or inefficient ways to accomplish their daily responsibilities.

Clinical Director of Critical Care
South Carolina Health System

Digital Pathology

The shift to digital pathology will require pathologists to create flexible and stable ergonomic workspaces that accommodate both a digital workstation and a microscope.

  • Reduce clutter and maximize use of space
  • Facilitate collaboration and teaching
  • Access all available clinical IT systems

Non-Medical Applications

Police and Fire Dispatch

Mission critical, technically complex, physically demanding.  These challenges must be addressed when integrating ergonomic concepts into a dispatch center.

  • Large monitor arrays
  • Integrate specialized communication and tracking systems
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Long rotating shifts
  • Improve space utilization